Steve Franklin has toured and recorded with many bands including: guitarist Phil Miller's In Cahoots with Elton Dean (sax) and Pip Pyle (drums); a quartet led by the ex-Soft Machine guitarist John Etheridge; Flight to LA led by bassist Paul Carmichael; the Brit-Magyar Quintet, the Simon Picard Quartet and an improvising quartet with George Haslam (sax), Paul Rutherford (trombone) and Marcio Mattos (bass). His debut recording was of his own compositions with his first band, Steps, and he has subsequently led bands including Momentum and the Steve Franklin Group, featuring such musicians as Mick Hutton (bass), John Paracelli (guitar) and Ray Warleigh (sax). With Tony Marsh and Tim Crowther he has recorded two CDs of improvised jazz rock, the latest of which, Amherst Dislodged, is released on the SLAM label. He is currently developing compositions with bassist Colin McKenzie.


STEPS - Steps - EMI Pathe-Marconi 1978

MACONDO - Leverkusen Jazz Festival Anthology - 1985


HASLAM - Level Two - Slam 1987

George Haslam - baritone sax. Steve Franklin - synthesisers. Tracy - bass. Steve Harris - drums

IN CAHOOTS - Split Seconds - Reckless 1988

Phil Miller - guitar. Elton Dean - saxes. Steve Franklin - keyboards. Fred Baker - bass. Pip Pyle - drums. Richard Sinclair - vocals. Dave Stewart - keyboards. Barabara Gaskin - vocals. John Mitchell - percussion.

IN CAHOOTS - Live 86-89 - Mantra 060 - 1990

Phil Miller - guitar. Elton Dean - saxes. Steve Franklin - keyboards. Hugh Hopper - bass. Pip Pyle - drums. Pete Lemer - keyboards.

1 Wanglo saxo
2 Janna
3 For the moment
4 All is not lost
5 Above and below
6 Red shift

CONGLOMERATE - The Bible Says - Impetus 1990 - IMP CD 18921

Tim Crowther - guitar. Ted Emmett - trumpet. Steve Franklin - keyboards. Nick Stephens - bass. Steve Clarke - drums

1 Bizarre Gardening Accident

2 Tooting is not New York

3 Exercising Johnny

4 Jazz Incident

5 Deferred Gratification - part 1

6 Deferred Gratification - part 2

7 Just Add Beer

8 The Bible Says

Byron in Forced Exposure magazine, USA 1993

The only names on here that look even vaguely familiar are those of trumpeter Ted Emmett (who played once with Ken Hyder) and bassist Nick Stephens (who did the same with John Stevens). The Stevens/Hyder lineage places at least these two guys fairly squarely in the center stream of Brit electro-whatsis, and the sound of this CD seconds the nomination. On the “typical” track here the rhythm section lays out a tangibly springy bed of hot wire and guitarist Tim Crowther wrassles around big chunks of NOTE while Emmett attempts to commune with the spirit of Mongezi Feza. Everybody gets a decent amount of space, however, and Steve Franklin’s keyboards are particularly notable for having as much of an anti-trad stance as Brian Eno’s or Allan Ravanstino’s or Miles Davis’. You can bet me a beer that it makes for a swinging little racket.

James Nye in Jazz FM magazine, Issue 7

The Bible Says consists of eight items collectively improvised in the studio..... ..."Deferred Gratification Parts 1 and 2" are the shortest but most focussed and effective items on the album, moving from quiet coolness to a positively transcendent groove, whilst ?Bizarre Gardening Accident? does indeed conjure up images of a high-speed collision between an electric guitar and several Flymos.


CONGLOMERATE - Precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true - Progressive International 1995 - PRO 034

Tim Crowther - guitar + guitar synth. Ted Emmett - trumpet. Steve Franklin - keyboards. Hugh Hopper - bass. Steve Clarke - drums

1 Candles

2 Vespers

3 Arthur's Paranoid Half Hour

4 Fridge of Flies

5 All Nice and Clean

6 Patterns

7 Position B

8 More Wine, Darling

9 Bertie Simply Refused to Grow

10 Perverted Foods

Phil Howitt Facelift 1995

This is what "progressive" music should be all about. In spirit it’s close to some of Keith Tippett’s crossover albums of the Seventies, but Conglomerate come with wilder rhythm and more than the odd dip into electronics from Franklin, whose lugubrious appearance on stage belies a genuine desire to strip down your eardrums. The quiet pieces are brooding (the best being a Frippesque guitar effects piece entitled ?Bertie Simply Refused to Grow?!), whilst the more upbeat pieces let fly with some fleet and discordant soloing from keyboards, guitar and trumpet. Even those with some sort of structure (such as ?Fridge of Flies? in which Hugh Hopper’s grumpy bass provides the constants, ?Wanglo Saxon?-style) aren’t particularly compromising. "Position B", a jam which allows Crowther to really stretch out, is the best of this particular breed. This isn’t easy listening - 70 odd minutes of experimentation isn’t likely to be. And it is a lot to take in at one sitting. But it is a breath of fresh air.

Alan Freeman - Audion - Issue No. 33, Autumn 1995.

Ted Emmett’s and Steve Franklin’s contributions to the music here make for a much more avant-garde fusion, from free-jazz realms through to cutting-edge modern styles. Naturally there’s quite a few references to Groon, yet Conglomerate (in living up to their name and disparate influences) weld lots of other surprises into their music, often resulting in wild and frantic structures.


THE JOHN ETHERIDGE QUARTET - Ash - The Jazz Label 1993 - TJL103CD

John Etheridge - guitar. Steve Franklin - keyboards. Mark Fletcher - drums. Henry Thomas - bass. Dudley Phillips - double bass.

1 In

2 Ash

3 Venerable Bede

4 In Your Own Sweet Way

5 Baiere

6 Chips

7 Infant Eyes

8 Ugetsu

9 You Don't Know What Love Is

10 Little Wing

11 81

12 Out


MARSH-FRANKLIN-CROWTHER - Shell of Certainty - Visionlogic 1999 - VLG101

Tim Crowther - guitar & guitar synth. Steve Franklin - bass. Tony Marsh - drums

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CROWTHER-FRANKLIN-MARSH - Amherst Dislodged - SLAM 2005 - SLAMCD 263

Tim Crowther - guitar & guitar synth. Steve Franklin - bass. Tony Marsh - drums

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