1 _Yearn _02'52" Listen

2 _Four Life Skills Missing _02'49" Listen

3 _Amherst Dislodged _14'57" Listen

4 _Jezebels _04'13"__Listen

5 _Discomfort Zone _09'08"

6 _Rankles _03'44" Listen

7 _Detection Evaded _12'14" Listen

8 _The Desert Nuts _12'06"

9 _May Be Illegal In Your Locality _04'06" Listen


Tim Crowther, Steve Franklin and Tony Marsh have been playing as a trio since 1998, brought together by a shared passion for hard electric jazz-rock and free improvisation. Our intention is to create new electric improvised music that excites and enlivens the listener and that comes from somewhere other than the obviously recognizable and reassuring. Our music is not intended to convey meaning - track titles are nothing other than convenient labels. What we create comes not from pre-planning or the concepts of any individual band member, but rather from a collective free-fall, with abandon.

This CD was recorded multitrack to hard disc over two two-day sessions at Amherst Lodge on the Visionlogic Mobile using Digital Performer, then mixed and mastered in Pro Tools. All of the music was improvised with effects in real time.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Crowther.

Released on the SLAM label, SLAMCD 263, 2005.

For details of distributors please visit the SLAM website.